No Title 08/24/2009
School has been hectic. I have not got lost though. MY teachers are all pretty nice. I meeting new people. I still fill left out half the time. I don't know anybody I have class with. The only people I know I hardly get to see. But besides that it has been going good. I still can't believe that they gave me homework on the first day! I was like " Really? Come on now. Don't you know who I am? I'm freakin' Mable Soxs!" 
School 08/11/2009
I got my schedule for school today. Go Central High School!!! I have all honors classes, pre IB Spanish, debate and competitive drama.  On even days my classes are all over, They are in like 3 different buildings. But on odd days they aren't that bad. I'm SO ready for school to start on the 19th!
No Title 08/02/2009
So it's like 2 am. There's nothing really to do at this time. I can't wait for school to start on the 19th. I'm still very upset. I try not to let it show. Only a certain few know why. I need to something to do to get my mind off things. I hurt a lot. I just came to find out that I will be hurting for a long time. D;