Post Title. 07/20/2009

A few days ago I attended a wedding. At this wedding people thought that my older brother Tyler and I was dating!! When I found out by the groom ( My brothers best friend) I almost threw up. I could not imagine dating him! That is totally GROSS! I still get sick to my stomach thinking about it. Don't get me wrong my brother is not ugly but who would want to date their brother?

No Title 07/17/2009

I got my hair cut today. I HATE most of the people in the world right now. Some people I can tolerate. Whatever bye for now! 

No Title 07/15/2009

Yesterday I started a new babysitting job. That makes two babysitting jobs now. I get paid well, but the kids are a bit on the wild side. I babysit the two little girls every Tuesday now. And the other job is whenever they need me, I am so ready for school to start! The summer is so boring. I like class way better, I know I may sound like a freak for liking school but I don't care. I have to like school if I want to get into a good Medical School and become an Trauma  ER Doctor.

No Title 07/11/2009

I'm going to a family member's surprise 40th birthday party today. Then after that I'm going to my grandpa Harry's house to spend the night and go to church with him tomorrow morning. The party will be fun but I don't know about the whole church thing. The church they go to has a lot of people my age so it may work out. Today I just found out that one of my friends is going to have a baby. She is due February 22, 2010.  She is hoping it's a girl but she will happy if it's a boy.


Today I watch the memorial of Michael Jackson. It was sad and happy in both ways. We the people feel sad that Michael Jackson won't be here on this Earth, make music, or be and a living icon for us anymore. But we the people feel a relief that he is not in any pain now, he will make people up in Heaven have a good time while he will teach them to moon walk, sing, dance, or many of his best qualities. We know that he will be taken care of up in Heaven. Michael Jackson is " The King Of Pop" and will always be. We can never forget him. Michael as he has inspired so many people, including recent artist of today. We will miss you Michael Jackson!!!!! 

No Title 07/05/2009

Today I went to Menard's. I decided on what colors I am going to paint my room. Bright green and bright orange. Now I just have to decide on how I am going to pain it. I am still trying to figure out on how I am going to have my hair cut and styled before school begins. I don't want it to short but I want it to look good. My sister and her son ( Chanler ) came over today. Chanler is a crazy little 2 1/2 year old, but I love him. I am so tired today for some reason. Maybe it could be that I didn't even lay down till around 4am and woke up at 9:30 am.

No Title 07/05/2009

Well I just got home from spending a week with my grandpa at his farm. It was really fun. I got to lear ho to ride a zero turn raidis mower, rode a four wheeler and went chasing parts for my grandpa's tractor. The fourth of July was fun. I lit a few fireworks and some sparklers. I am so ready for school to start. It starts on August 19th. It's been pretty boring at my house since the summer has took off. Hopfully when school starts back up again I will have a life again.